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Guide Image

Firstwatt F5 amplifier v3

DIY Amplifier F5 Pass Nelson Pass Firstwatt First Watt Amp Class-A Audio...

Guide Image

Pass/Linkwitz LXmini analog crosover

Pass/Linkwitz Analog crossover for the Linkwitz Labs LXmini speakers. Or...

Guide Image

Amp Camp Amp V1.5 Build Guide

This guide will show you from start to finish how to complete your March 2018...

Guide Image

WHAMMY headphone amplifier

A class A output stage with enough current to drive anything. It also makes a...

Guide Image

Pass 6-24 Crossover

DIY Biamp 6-24 Active Crossover

Guide Image

Amp Camp Amp V1.6 Build Guide

Amp Camp Amp 1.6 illustrated build guide

Guide Image

ACP+ Headphone Amp / Linestage

The sequel to the famous Amp Camp Amp, the Amp Camp Preamp Plus! Guide under...

Guide Image

Sony Vfet (P, 2021)

Pass Vfet P channel 2021